Loop Fixing System

Our goal was it to set new standards in quality and design, so there had to be done something about the wearing comfort. The result is the latching of the second loop by two stoppers, which prevent any shifting and guarantee a high wearing comfort.

FKM rubber is undoubtedly best suited for the highest quality watchstraps that are worn in extreme situations.
However, the material has the disadvantage that it is very smooth.
When wearing, the second loop slips, which means that the piece of perforated strap protrudes from the arm.

We assume that you as a wearer of Rolex not only value the highest quality, but also desire the highest wearing comfort. The curved strap attachment to the housing sits gapless and offers highest wearing comfort, but this was no reason for us to neglect the end of the band with the second loop.

With our newly developed loop-fixing system, the second loop is firmly locked, no matter what strap width you set for your arm.
Thus, the strap part can no longer get caught on the clothing sleeve. The end of the strap also shows a nice design element.