Rolex Bracelet Repair

Rolex bracelet repair


Rolex is the leading brand of watches when it comes to highest quality and luxury.

Datejust, GMT and Submariner are just 3 iconic examples.

Buying a Rolex is an investment for life.
Fashion change every day.
But not so for Rolex watches.
For instance: Jubile, Oyster and President bracelets are the most comfortable bracelets and have been in existence for decades.
Over the time the bracelet developes what is commonly known as stretch.
The bracelet is worn out and pins can break.
This is caused by the wearing of the pins and tubes that hold the links together.
Therefore gaps appear between the links and the bracelet becomes loose.
Wear and tear also occurs to the watch movement. Rolex themselves can deal with when the watch is being serviced.
They will not however, service the stretched bracelet.
The only alternative is to buy a new, very expensive replacement bracelet.
We offer a repair service, using new technology like laser welding and laser measurement.
Thus ensuring that the bracelet and the watch cannot be lost.
The finish repair can be polished or left unpolished as required.
Firstly, our goal is to keep your Rolex bracelet as original as possible.
Depending of your bracelet stretch there are two possibilities to repair.
Please read the following informations:

1. When the watch has been worn firmly on the arm:
In this case replacing the link pins and tubes in the bracelet is usualy enough. The bracelet has only worn out through abrasion at the pins and tubes.

We have a varity of sizes to accomodate various differences in wear, in some cases we have to work on the wall of the center links to regain the original thickness.

2. If the watch was worn loosely:
In this case, the work of point 1 is not enough. Each activity is stretch in the length of the band, with additional abrasion and wear. In these cases, dents have formed literally in the middle and outer links. This means that the limbs became significantly narrower and you often see the connecting pins. To restore the original width here, the use of the laser is required.
This is not achieved by "filling in" the material.
To achieve the best possible results, we use state-of-the-art lasers when measuring.